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Our Journey Since 1969

Ottavio Belvedere Born in Palermo, Italy 1933

In 1951 Ottavio made the move to Canada and got married to Noella in 1957. This is where they had their first children, Julie in 1958 and Ricardo in 1959

On December 15th of 1959, the Belvedere family moved to the United States and made California their home. Shortly after Ottavio and Noella had Leonardo (1960).


With three toddlers on their hands, this power couple managed to open up their first business together... a bakery in Burbank, California in 1964.


Ready for bigger and better things, The Belvedere family made a move to Camarillo, California where they opened up Pizza Villa on Ventura Boulevard in 1969. In 1974 they changed their name to Ottavio's Italian Restaurant.

Ottavio saw an opportunity to expand, so in 1975 they bought land on Ventura Boulevard and started building in 1977. This is where Ottavio's Italian Restaurant stands today and the rest is history.

Ottavio and Noella have done some extraordinary things over the past 50+ years including opening up several other locations not mentioned above. I just wanted to give you all a short glimpse into their journey.


As I ask my grandma questions of her and my Nonno's journey, I couldn't help but be so incredibly proud of their accomplishments. These were two young people that barely knew English between the two of them, moved their life to California and made their dreams come true. Nothing but hard work, dedication and family has made this story a success.

Love you Grams & Nonno.

- Your Granddaughter, Tianna


Throwback Photos

Since 1969

"Al Dente makes you smile"

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